Tiny Drops Concepts!!!

Parts of a Tiny Drops

Picture Albums with short explanations.Logos with short explanations, Cover Stories.Rebus puzzles (2nd std, & above only).Quiz articles (For students of 3rd std, & above).Olympiad related articles (3rd std, & above).General Puzzle and Information Pages

Picture Albums, Logos & Rebuses

These constitute the picture based pages of the book.Short explanations are for knowledge developments.Class 1 & 2 students will have only picture questions.For students of classes 3 & above , explanations given with pictures will be useful for Olympiads and quizzes.For School GK tests, the explanations are not needed.

Quiz Articles

These are found in books of Class 3 & above.Around 12 quizzes appear in each Tiny Drops book.Each quiz is on a different topic.Answers are normally given in the central page.The Quizzes are made up of 15 different questions types.This issue’s book explain all these question types clearly

General Puzzle and Information Pages

A few pages in each Tiny Drops books are for General puzzles and Information Pages, except Class 9 & above.These pages are not meant of the School GK exams.They Contain colouring pages, word searchers, cross-words and many other types of puzzles.Info pages contain useful information on a topic.

What are the Tiny Drops based Exams?

Schools that use Tiny Drops as GK text books conduct periodic exams based on these books.Each individual Tiny Drops book is used for a specific.GK exam conducted by the school.This book (June-2018) is meant for the First  Mid-Term exam (conducted in the month of July 2018)

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