Tiny Drops An Introduction

Welcome to Tiny Drops 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the colourful World of Tiny Drops books.Here are a few intro pages for the 1st time users.This format is different from the Previous years.

What are Tiny Drops?

General Knowledge (GK) text books for children.Ten of them are published each month (June to Feb).Also serve as Current Affairs Magazines (monthly).Each Tiny Drops book caters to one class / grade / level.Also help to improve logical awareness & reasoning.Completed 10 years of publication in 2017!!!

Why General Knowledge?

GK helps the child to learn about our world.GK goes beyond the school text books.GK trains the child in day-to-day affairs.GK empowers the child o face Competitions.GK is very useful for Quizzes & knowledge tests.GK is vital for easy writing, & elocutions.

Why Reasoning?

Reasoning means thinking that is coherent and logical.Reasoning helps to survive in unknown situations.Reasoning tunes up the brain of the child.A child with reasoning ability outshines the others.Reasoning enables the child to cross obstacles with ease.Self Confidence is a gift of a good reasoning ability.

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